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CT Flying Ants – Need a Pest Inspection?

CT Flying Ants Need a Pest Inspection?Now that the rains have started the CT flying ants will start swarming. Do you need  a Pest Inspection?  Thousands male and female reproductives, will leave the nest in order to create new nests as they pair off, drop their wings and mate. Males die fairly quickly after mating, while females focus on getting in the ground to lay her eggs before being eaten by a predator.

Flying ants are often mistaken for termites in Connecticut. There are 3 easy ways to tell the difference:

  • Ants have a needle like waste and termites do not
  • Ants antennae are bent (elbowed) and termites are straight
  • The wings on ants have two pair of different lengths.  Termite wings are all the same length

Swarming ants may have you thinking … oh no … termites? Don’t let a hyper pest control salesperson sell you a termite treatment until you have an inspection done on your CT home or property.

All ant species produce winged ants. The winged variety of ants are almost always the reproductive males and females of the ant colonies. They are most often seen a day or so after a hard summertime rain, swarming out of the ground to form massive clouds consisting of millions of individuals.

Flying ants, like termite, may also swarm indoors in Connecticut. This usually happens when the ant colony already exists somewhere within the structure. Carpenter ants  sometimes make their homes indoors. 

Flying ants are not dangerous to humans, even if they do show up indoors and freak you out. Flying ants only appear for a day and then disperse widely to start new colonies. However, ant swarms should not be ignored, because it is a signal that something is or may be amiss.

Collect samples of the ants and show them to a reliable professional pest inspection company for proper identification. Why pay for an expensive termite treatment when all you may need is a simple ant treatment?

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