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Pest Inspection CT: When does Termite Season Start and End?

Termite Season CT Pest Inspection ConnecticutPest Inspection CT – When does Termite Season Start and End? Termite season in Connecticut does not have a set beginning and end, as termites are active year round. The season when termites are most visible is typically March to November.

While these CT pests typically are not visible year round, they can damage your house any month of the year which is why having apest inspection to see if you see any signs of activity is very important.

Termites eat material that contains cellulose, such as wood, roots, plant debris, paper or cardboard. THese CT pests can gain entrance into a structure through any part of the wood frame in contact with the ground, through openings in the foundation around pipes and conduits or through cracks in the foundation.

Termites can enter through cracks that are no wider than 1/64 of an inch. Subterranean termites, which are the termites we have here in CT, require moisture to survive. They create mud tubes to obtain access to a structure that is above ground.

These tubes are created from soil cemented with secretions and fecal material. The tubes are to protect the termites from exposure to sunlight or dry conditions. Termites are able to survive in a structure without contact to the ground if there is a sufficient moisture source.

Termites eat wood, destroying it which is why they can cause so much damage to your home. Termites cause over 2 billion dollars in property damage every year in Connecticut. Infestations that are ignored can lead to serious home damage. Call for your Pest Inspection immediately if you see any signs of termite activity in your home.


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